Air Conditioning System at a Glance

If your new air conditioning system is not working properly, unplug it immediately. Start by reading the troubleshooting section of your owner’s manual. If your system is under warranty, call the manufacturer, whose name and contact number must be specified in the manual. If the system is no longer covered by any kind of warranty, you can call an air conditioning professional good at aircon servicing Singapore or simply replace the unit altogether. It is often more expensive to pay for the repairs of an item than it would be to buy a brand new air conditioner.

There are various types of air conditioning

Install air conditioning at home allows to regulate and control the temperature of entire interior and thus bring more comfort in his home and enjoy the best of its interior every day, summer and winter. An air conditioner can be a good investment to have air conditioning in summer.

Mono-block air conditioners are easy to install, simply place the pipe of the air conditioner outside. They have the advantage of being mobile with their wheels. It could be your best friend during the hot summer months and he will follow you everywhere without any problem. More economical and more efficient compared to the traditional air conditioner. Mobile air conditioners are more powerful because of their mobility, economic and multiple uses.

Splitair conditioners are characterized by a block positioned outside and various blocks inside which are interconnected by the pipe which reduces noise. The mobiles can be moved from one room to another while fixed air conditioners are more efficient.

Reversible conditioners are also air systems that have as main asset to be both air conditioner and heater. The only problem is its inefficiency in cold temperatures since they do not produce enough heat. Reversible air conditioners are economical and practical in that they consume less than what they produce as energy. On the other hand, if it is too cold outside, it will be necessary to use additional heating and to have a correct temperature at home.

Fixed wall air conditioner is the most common, it is the most efficient and quiet, but it is also more expensive, normally used to cool several rooms and rooms in a building. The traditional type is always associated with high maintenance costs. Just to assure your investment reliable aircon repair Singapore, offers the best expertise solutions.

Cassette air conditioner is discreet since it is directly integrated in the false ceilings it is not less effective. This is the one found mainly in large public places, such as colleges, high schools, hospitals, stores, offices, etc.


When you have purchased the perfect air conditioner, remove it from the box and follow the installation instructions. Your new air conditioner should include mounting hardware, which should be attached to your window. It is important to read and follow the instructions carefully.