Website Design

Perfect Deals for the Right Website Deisgn

Tips for web design are here now. Web design in the creation of sites is important. Choose the right fonts. Successful selection of fonts is the key to success. Under the large font is a small font. A thin line is drawn under the thick line. If you want to create a logo only from fonts, combine the letters of the logo with special symbols.

  1. The text always looks only on a colored background

Leave the white space in the document. They help to rest the reader from the abundance of graphics and textual information. If you are advertising something, then use the repetition in the text. A sans-serif font is used only in headings.

  1. The font with serifs is used when creating the main text

To create the illusion of dimensionless traits, take out your drawings for a little bit beyond the edge of the strip. Service announcements are always black and white. Do not use a running line in them. Bold font and photo are elements of the same design. With good at website design the options are perfect.

  1. Align text and graphic objects in only one way, for example, in the center.

Observe the symmetry of the design of graphics and text. Change the design without touching the basic style of your document. The text above the headings is always issued in a condensed font. You must design your document in such a way so that the reader gets the impression that a huge work was done on the document.

Use the principle of contrast: on the background of the text typed in a light font, there are bold headings. Headings are made in one font, and the main text is different. To make the text well read, use wide fonts. If you frequently change the information, then use fonts in the design that are easy to read.

  1. Use the substrates.

The design of the header, text above the title and the author’s line is always one and harmonious. The author’s line is typed in small capital letters. The font of the author’s line is identical to the font of the title. Fonts should be combined with all other fonts of your document. In one document, use no more than two fonts.

  1. Insert a special symbol at the end of the document

Quote – embedded text. The font of the quote is identical to the font of the author’s line. To have a headline noticeable, shade it or make it a color one. The font of the main text should be in harmony with the font with which the title is framed.

  1. Firmly link the semantic graphics to the corresponding main text

Combine different design elements. The design of the first page of your document should be different from the design of all other pages. Font is an art object, not a set of symbols. All these letters were drawn by the artist. Before starting the creation of your document, carry out a pre-project study, that is, find out for whom the published information will be intended: professionals, artists, technicians, etc.