Fundamental principles of business culture

Punctuality is the key point here. In case of delay you have to notify by phone. A delay abouthigher to 20 minutes should delay the meeting. It is convenient to prepare the agenda with the points to be discussed and attach to that. If the meeting lasts more than 2 hours, it will be proposed to have a drink as well as snack. In case the meeting stays at lunch time, more substantial meals will be offered or a meeting will be proposed in a restaurant.

In a business meeting men and women receive the same treatment. The corporate culture in Canada varies from one region to another and most Canadians feel much identified with their province. The most important thing is to make a positive, honest and reliable first impression before trying to sell a product or service. It is common to resort to a PowerPoint presentation or any other technological support.

The first contact

It is preferable to make an appointment for a first meeting. It can be done by phone or by email. If the person is really interested, he will set up a meeting quickly.


The key to starting a good relationship is a firm, honest and courteous handshake, looking into the eyes and without the slightest sign of arrogance.

How to introduce yourself

You have to shake hands and present yourself and the company you represent, give thanks for the appointment and make sure that the interlocutor is the correct person in case you do not say your name.

Business relations

You have to show a confident attitude, smile and go straight to the point.


The exchanges of gifts occur particularly during holidays. Sometimes small business gifts are offered at the time of closing an agreement or at the end of a business mission or an official visit. Gifts from the country of origin are highly appreciated.

Observation: In Canadian business ideas it is unacceptable, to offer a gift for special treatment. This is considered an act of corruption that could lead to judicial consequences. The Canadian government and some companies have decided to adopt a code of conduct that prohibits accepting gifts in certain circumstances.

Business communication

When there is a real interest the answer is not long in coming, so you have to be prepared to respond to a request. Agreements are often closed with a handshake and a written request, which must be subsequently confirmed by letter, indicating the agreed terms and conditions. A formal contract always enjoys good acceptance.

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