Taragh Bracken Says Lawyers Can Kiss Their Social Life Goodbye

If your long-standing dream is to become a lawyer, then you better say goodbye to your social life. If you think that the attorney life is all glitter and gold, then you’ve better do your research and get the facts right because the big pay cheque and glitzy socialite standing are not the proper reasons to become a lawyer. After spending three to four rigorous years in law school, and another year studying for the bar exam, the long nights withstanding the midnight oil don’t end upon receiving your graduation stamp.


A High-Strung, Intense Career Path

Out of the top five most intensive career paths that forbid most professionals from having a life outside of work, lawyer tops at number three just below a surgeon and registered nurse. In number four rests CEO and number five, securities, commodities and financial services sales agent.


Billing Is Always On Your Mind

While all the alternative prospects in the list bring their own box of stressors, becoming a lawyer may be one of the most disastrous on your social life due to the pay structure. Even when you leave the firm’s office for the day, you may still try to open up the books and file through papers in order to score your next best argument. You are perpetually thinking about billing hours, and of the competition between other attorneys in your standing. It’s about garnering the next promotion, and making the next big win in the court room that will stun your firm’s partners into elation and pride.


Salary Expectation Are Considerable

When interviewed about this subject, Taragh Bracken, one of the United States’ most enviable attorney in civil suits, stated that the median salary expectation for a lawyer of two to three years is $114,500. She brought up an interesting claim, stating that lawyer shows such as Suits may be over-dramaticized and not necessarily accurate when portraying a lawyer, however the portrayal of them being workahalics would be the most accurate part of these shows.


It’s By The Hour

Taragh Bracken also brought up the point that unlike other jobs, the salary is also based on hourly work. For a salesperson or accountant, if they get the job done in a shorter period of time since they used better methods, then they are praised for it. But working smarter for less hours in a lawyer’s point-of-view won’t get them that glimmering end of month pay cheque.