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Zooba Cheats

We would like to show you completely new tool that might give you a chance to become much better player in this brand new, yet extremely popular mobile game called Zooba. With it, you might have a chance to generate unlimited Gems and Coins into your account. It features newest anti-ban protections, so you do not have to worry about getting banned in the game. Instead, you just might save some money and enjoy this epic game even more. In order to make this work, you have to follow every instruction that is included in it. It wiill require connecting your phone to your PC via cable or simply having your phone connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your PC. Then you have to open downloaded program and write down your login. Click “Check” and wait if the tool is able to connect to game servers. This should not take more than 20 seconds. After that, new window will pop up asking you how much resources – in this case Gems and Coins – you want to add to your account. Simply write down the ammounts and press “Generate”. Once again, Zooba Hack will connect with game servers to add requested resources to your account. This process usually takes about 30 seconds. After it is done, you will see a pop up info telling you to close the program and restart the game in your phone. Be sure not to simply close the aplication, but also to close the process so the game fully resets. After that, login into a game and check if the Gems and Coins are added to your account. You can now spend them however you want. Have fun!

zooba cheat

About Zooba game

You might think it is just another Battle Royale game. But it really is not. It is a mix of BR games with MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), and it is a really good game. The graphics are amazing and the controls are easy to learn. This game offers tons of fun. In it, you play as an animal that is in the zoo. You fight other animals and zoo guards to become the ultimate king of the whole zoo. This game is a multiplayer game so it means that you fight players from all over the world. Awesome shooting & fighting action! Choose your animal, join us on this adventure and battle against your opponents in the best free battle royale game!

Zooba Cheats

Zooba really offers a twist on traditional battle royale. As of right now it offers more than 10 playable characters. You can for example play as an angry gorilla or as a sneaky chameleon. Each of the animals are unique and offer a bit different gameplay with different special power. You must try them all to decide which is the best suit for you. If you have problems with unlocking the animals, you can always give Zooba Cheats a try and with it you might have a chance to generate unlimited Gems and Coins in order to unlock extra content and extra characters.

Fighting in this game is really amazing. You can easily control it and it gives so much fun. There are different weapons that you can pick up. Of course the weapons also have different classes so, for example, gold weapons will be much stronger than the ordinary ones. So always keep an eye for that special weapons. You fight in the zoo and you are up against 20 other players from all over the world. To sum up, you have to collect different guns across the battleground in order to get stronger and to defeat your opponents to finally be crowned the king of he ZOO.

ZOO guards are a part of this game. They are not controlled by the players but they still oppose a threat if you are not careful. You have to options how to deal with them. First one is to run from them but this is not always the best option. Why? Because while running you can encounter other players hiding in the bushes just waiting for situation like that. And secondly, the zoo keepers are not controlled by human so it means they are not so smart and not so hard to defeat. It is easier to just fight them quickly and move on to other location.

Winning games will grant you amazing prizes and items that you can equip your animals with. Upgrading your hero is super important because it makes it stronger and allow you to become a star of the game. And if you have friends playing this game you can play together or even form a clan and meet tons of new and amazing people from all over the world. You can also purchuase the battle pass that will grant you access to exclusive content and daily prizes. If you do not want to spend any money you can always try Zooba Hack where you might have a chance to generate unlimited Gems and Coins in order to unlcok not only the battle pass but also some additional animals to have full fun from the game.

Zooba Hack

We also want to show you some neat tricks that will help you get the best possible result in upcoming races.

  • As soon as you start the game look for the items – this will assure your survival. Remember that every player on the map is your enemy so your first goal is to find any weapon possible to have something to fight with. Look in your closest area and try to avoid enemy players untill you find some weapon.
  • Bushes provide cover – like in many other games, this one also have bushes. And like in other games the bushes provide you with cover so other players cannot see you untill you come out of bushes or they com into bushes. But this still gives you the advantage because you are in the better position to fight. Keep thinking about your positioning at all times!
  • Avoid the water – Try to avoid going in the water as much as you can, because it will not allow you to use any attacks or moves, only normal movements and health kits, so you will be very vulnerable – at the same time, try to attack all the enemies that you see in water because they are slower and cannot dodge!
  • Know the range of the attacks – always try to use the range to your advantage. Know when to advance to shorten the distance and when to run. Try to avoid shooting range and bom range. There is only a small window of time to do so, and that means you have to think quickly. Save movement skills just for ocasions like that.
  • Join as a third in a battle – If you see two enemies attacking each other, or two enemies close to each other, try to attack them both with a bomb – you might damage both of them and hopefully take them down faster!
  • Do the quests – finishing quests is super important because it not only gives you additional experience but also provides you with tons of crates that you can opern to unlcok cool new items. They are also fun so try to do as many quests as you can
  • Use Zooba Cheats – follow the instructions once you download this tool and then you might have a chance to progress super fast in this epic game!
Zooba Cheats

Necessary information for Zooba Hack Generator:

  1. Download the game from Google Store or iTunes.
  2. Click on the buttons on this site to download Zooba Cheats.
  3. In Zooba Tool choose if you want to connect via Wi-Fi or Cable.
  4. In the Zooba Cheats write your game nickname and click “Check”.
  5. Wait till Zooba Cheat connets with game servers.
  6. Type the number of Gems and Coins that you want to get.
  7. Press “Generate”.
  8. Wait till it connects and adds resources to your account.
  9. After the final information appears, close the program and completely restart the game (close the whole process on the phone).
  10. Reconnect and have fun with the game.

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